NDC comm 2.4GHz 802.11g Wireless Outdoor Bridge NWE9251 User Manual

11mbps wireless pc card, Key features and benefits, 11g wireless outdoor bridge

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11Mbps Wireless PC Card

Key Features and Benefits

Superior Coverage and High Speed


Data rates up to 54Mbps, 5 times of 802.11b product

Features rugged construction and a weatherproof housing

proven in outdoor installations exposed to wind, rain, and


Offers multiple mounting options for flexible placement to

achieve the best possible alignment or coverage

Easy to Use Network Management Tools

Easy to Use Network Management Tools
Kick Start: If the DHCP server fails or the device is on a

different subnet, the Advanced Discovery Protocol allows the

NWH9250 to be found and configured.

Bridge Auto Learning: The NWH9250 can intelligently detect

its peer bridges' MAC addresses via the advanced wireless

technology, saving the user the hassle of entering MAC


Auto IP address assignment - the NWH9250 will automatically

assign itself a new IP address should the DHCP server fail.

On-line firmware upgradability: allows the bridge's firmware to

be upgraded via Web-based tool from a remote station without

stopping the network.

DHCP client support: automatically obtains a new IP address

from a DHCP server.

Remote Configuration

Remote Configuration

Allows administrators to manage the bridge from anywhere on

the network. All that is required is that the bridge be on the

same logical IP subnet as the management station.

SSecurity Protection

ecurity Protection

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy): 64, 128 and 256-bit WEP

encryption for secure wireless LAN data transmissions.


Detachable Antenna (Optional)

etachable Antenna (Optional)

The detachable antenna design allows such options as

connecting a high-gain antenna for better signal quality over a

wider coverage area.


Outdoor Protection Solution for Harsh Weather

utdoor Protection Solution for Harsh Weather

The Outdoor Protection Package bridge to be located

outdoors, where it may be subjected to wind, rain, and snow.

PPower Over Ethernet

ower Over Ethernet

PoE reduces power-cable expenses and increases location

options by carrying both data and power to the bridge through

a single Ethernet cable.

Maximizing the Convenience of Networking


802.11g Wireless Outdoor Bridge

802.11g Wireless Outdoor Bridge

Product Overview

The NWE9251 is a 2.4GHz 802.11g Wireless Outdoor Bridge
that compliant 802.11b/g standards. The NWE9251 covers a
large operating distance for Wireless LANs and broadband
Internet Access with transfer data rate up to 54Mbps. It links
two or more separate networks (typically located in different
buildings) to create a single expanded LAN quickly, simply, and
economically. The NWE9251 delivers higher transmission rates
than an E1 or T1 line, and eliminates the inconvenience of
installing an expensive leased line or fiber-optic cable. The
NWE9251 fully complies with the IEEE802.11b/g standard.
Combining superior wireless technology and advanced
features, the NWE9251 Wireless Outdoor Bridge is a reliable,
high-performance, cost-effective solution for the most
demanding wireless networking environments.

802.11g Wireless Outdoor Bridge