Assembly (continued) – Nostalgia Electrics SCC-200 User Manual

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ASSEMBLY (Continued)


Attach the Wheels to the Base Support by using two of the #4 Wheel Rods.
Slide a #5 Lock Washer onto a Wheel Rod, and then push the Wheel Rod
through the holes in the Base Support. Make sure to place the two #6 Flat
Washers between the Base Support and the Wheels. Repeat on the other
wheel. Finally, place the two #7 Wheel Rod Caps on the outside of the screws
for cosmetic purposes (as shown below):


Place the Main Unit onto the Storage Compartment so that the two side holes
match up. Connect the Main Unit to the Storage Compartment using the two
included Lock Screws (D) as shown below:


Place the Clear Plastic Bowl into the top of the Main Unit and firmly secure the lid
into the bowl. Make sure that the end of the lid with the two tabs is properly
placed into the corresponding holes and the lid snap shuts. Please note that the
ice will not shave unless the lid is properly secured. Never force it down.

You are now ready to use your SNOW CONE CART™!

Helpful Hint: Use the black plastic adjusters on the bottom of the feet to properly level.