Nortel Networks INTUITION 1000 User Manual

Datapulse, Intuition 1000, Screen-based console for nortel cs1000

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Intuition 1000

Screen-Based Console for Nortel CS1000

First impressions count. Which is why it makes commercial
sense to give your switchboard operators the best possible
tools for professional and efficient call handling.
Intuition 1000 combines advanced call handling features and
presence information with your company directory to ensure that
every customer, supplier and business associate receives
consistently prompt and professional service.


“Our new operator

consoles from

Datapulse have hugely

improved the way we

interact with our local

residents and have

made our operators

working day more

productive and more

fulfilling. We are now

dealing with calls from

our 142,000 residents in

record time.”

Bob Laird, Principal

Administration Officer at

Dundee City Council



Intuition 1000 makes a positive

difference to the speed, quality and

ease with which calls are answered

and transferred.

High performance software with

enables operators to respond with

accurate, up-to-date information, and

even greet regular callers personally.

As a result, individual calls are

processed faster, and higher call

volumes can be handled

successfully, without compromising

service standards.

Advanced directory look-up facilities

and a range of optional

enhancements, providing links to

corporate databases, phone status,

contact notes and calendars, make

Intuition 1000 one of the most

productive systems in its class and a

valuable customer service tool.


Intuition 1000 provides a truely

distributed operator centre by

allowing operators to be located

anywhere on the corporate network.

Where office space is limited or local

staffing costs are high, this can be a

huge saving on resources. Your

operators will also benefit by being

able to work away from a noisy

operator centre environment which

can improve morale and productivity.


Lost calls means lost revenue and

poor customer satisfaction. With

Intuition, should one site be lost,

operators can simply login from

another site and take calls as

normal. This means if part of the

network fails, business can continue,

minimising disruption and ensuring

calls are not lost.