Robic Robie UV-419 User Manual

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Robic UV-419 Sun Intensity Monitor Instructions

Thank you for buying the Robic UV-419. Please read these instructions prior to using it
to ensure safe and correct use. Do not expose your monitor to rain, dust, severe shock,
humidity or immerse it in water. The UV-419 may cease to operate if dropped onto the
floor. The UV-419 is a simple detector meant to offer general guidance as to the strength
of the Suns UV rays. This is not a medical device and it should not be viewed as offering
any sort of protection from over exposure. Each person makes their own decisions about
the time spent in the Sun. Above all else, refer to your Doctor or Health Care
professional for guidance as to the exposure to sunlight which is safe for you and your
family. Always take precautions from excessive exposure to the suns rays.

The UV-419 has four modes of operation. Use the MODE pushbutton to move from one
function to the next. They are: Time of DayÆUV Measurement and displayÆStopwatch
ÆCountdown Timer and then back to Time of Day. Five (5) Pushbuttons are used to
activate all functions: TEMP (Temperature), DETECT, MODE, SET and EL.

This illustration shows the location of the Pushbuttons and other components which
operate your UV-419 Monitor.