Revox Re:sound H190 User Manual

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Dominating Entertainment.
Revox of Switzerland.

This all called for some new developments:

1. Bass range: 4 new, long-throw base drivers with powerful

magnets and durable membranes made of high-strength, black
anodised aluminium. Short-circuit rings with internal magnets
prevent distortion very effectively.

2. 154 mm mid-range system with hand-coated paper membranes

and linear, low-distortion magnets.

3. Broad, 25 mm soft calottes in the treble range, which reach far

beyond the audibility limit.

4. Unusually extensive, over-dimensioned, low-distortion crossover

network with high-specification components.

5. Vibration-optimised and internally reinforced housing. The result

is that no sound discolouration caused by partial oscillation of the
housing is audible.

High-quality speaker connections reduce unwanted contact
resistance and other interference to an absolute minimum.