Razor XLR8R User Manual

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©2002 Copyright Razor USA LLC. All rights reserved. Rev 7.15.02 RAH

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Photos by Arthur Cambridge.


Cerritos, California 90703



The Razor electric scooter must reach a speed of three miles per hour before the motor

will engage.

Ride only on smooth hard and dry surfaces. The Razor was not intended for off-road or

hilly terrain. Use caution when approaching curbs, uneven pavement, potholes or
similar conditions. Avoid water. The tires are extremely slippery when wet. You could
lose traction and fall.

The Razor is designed for only one rider. Do not attempt to ride with more than one person

or attempt to tow anything behind your scooter.

Not recommended for children under 16 without adult supervision.

Maximum weight capacity on flat and level ground: 120 pounds.

WARNING: Intermittent motor operation is an indication of low charge. When this occurs,

turn the unit off and charge the battery


Be sure to read and understand this manual thoroughly before operating your scooter.
Additional warnings enclosed.

To obtain service under this warranty you must, within the warranty period, contact Razor
USA LLC directly by e-mail at warranty@ razorusa.com. Razor will provide repair parts
and or replacement at its sole discretion. Authorized warranty service is ONLY available
from Razor USA LLC or its authorized Repair Center(s).

Owner’s Manual

+ Safety Hand book

The Razor electric scooter must reach a

speed of 3 miles per hour before the motor

will engage.