ZANKER KRT 260 W User Manual

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is clean, becomes visible from the outside of the metal grille.

c - Foam synthetic filter (approx. 10 mm thick).
It should be washed every two months in hot water using mild detergent and should be squeezed dry,
not wrung out. Replace after 5 or 6 washings.
d - Multi-layer metal filter. It should be washed once a month in hot water using mild detergent or
liquid soap. It can be washed in a dish-washer. It should not be bent and should be left to drain dry.
WARNING: An excess of grease in the filter not only would affect the performance of the hood, but
it is also a possible fire risk.
We strongly recommend therefore to clean and replace filters in accordance with the manufacturer

4.2 - Charcoal filter

The charcoal filter is a chemical filter to be used only when the hood is in the recycling position. To
replace the charcoal filter, open the grille and remove the thumb screw through the centre of the
charcoal filter. If the filter is of the interlocking type, turn the filter anticlockwise. Replace by revers-
ing the operation. For a good performance replace the charcoal filter on average every three months.

4.3 - Worktop illumination

If a lamp fails to function at any time, open the metal grille panel and check that the lamp is fully
screwed into the holder. When changing the lamp, an identical replacement must be fitted to ensure
a safe working of the hood.

4.4 - Cleaning

The metal work should be cleaned regularly, at least once a month, using mild household cleaner and
polish. Never use abrasives.
For all operations from point 4.1 to point 4.4 and in particular for point 4.3, pay special attention to
the safety regulation 1.