Robic Count up & Countdown Timer SC-522 User Manual

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Select the Mode by pressing “D”: Countdown ▼→ Time of Day→ Count up ▲

Countdown ▼: You may countdown in seconds from 99 minutes 59 seconds or in
minutes from 9999 minutes. With the time value set at all zeros, press A to select
minutes or seconds (colon “:” appears). Enter the time by pressing and holding A > 3
seconds. The digit on the far right appears flashing. Advance the value by pressing C.
Then, press A to set and press C to advance each successive digit. Press D to load your
time and exit the setting process.

After entering the preset time, press C to start counting down. You may press C to stop
(STOP appears) and restart the timing as required. Single Pre alert beeps sound with 30,
3, 2 and 1 seconds remaining. Upon completion, the SC-522 will sound a rapid beep tone
and reset to the preset time.

You may set a new Preset time upon completion by Pressing and Holding A for > 3
seconds and proceeding as described above after Countdown ▼.

Time of Day Clock: Press D from the Countdown Timer to enter the Time of Day mode.
Set the time of day by pressing and holding A > 3 seconds. Minutes appear flashing.
Advance the minutes by pressing or holding C. Then press A again to set Hours and
AM/PM or 24 hour time display. If AM/PM is selected and “A” or “P” will appear in the
display. “H” will appear in the 24 hour format. Press D at any time to exit the setting

Count Up Timer ▲: Press D from Time of Day to enter the Count Up mode. Start the
timer counting up in seconds by pressing C. Press C again to stop timing (STOP
appears). Upon completion, Press B > 3 seconds to Reset to all zeros.

Please note you may Stop and Re-Start the Up timer as often as necessary.

LOCK feature: The SC-522 will Lock a time into place at anytime the timer is not active
(running) by pressing D > 3 seconds. The “lock” icon appears in the display. Locking the
timer prevents all operation and accidently resetting the time.

The Countdown and Count up timers can be operated simultaneously.



Marshall –Browning International Corporation (MBI Corp.) warrants to the original
owner, this timepiece (excluding battery, lanyard, clip, band or strap) for the period of
one year from the original purchase date. This limited warranty is given by MBI Corp.
and not by the dealer from whom the timepiece was purchased.