Revox Plasma HD User Manual

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A Revox Home Cinema system stands out
through its timeless design, its crystal-clear
pictures, its perfectly balanced sound and its
ease of operation. At the centre of the Home
Cinema system, stands the Re:ception plasma
42 HD. With its high-resolution panel, the 42”
plasma television delivers an awesome picture
quality that compares more than favourably
with the competition.
With its range of interfaces, the Re:ception
plasma 42 HD can be fully integrated into the
operating concept of the Re:system M51.
Through the combination of these two Revox
components, a matrix determines which input
should be used to switch the plasma television
on automatically for a particular source. Just
imagine. You want to watch a DVD and, with the
press of just one button, you can activate all the
necessary components. Sit back, relax and
enjoy the fi lm!

With the Re:ception plasma 42, a sophisticated
design is combined with the use of high-quality
materials. The fi ltered glass screen with its black
surround that embodies a signifi cant element of
the design concept, seems to fl oat in front of the
unit. The intricate shaping of the edge of the
glass, adds the fi nishing touch to its design.
The Re:ception plasma 42 HD is held securely in
place with brackets made from solid aluminium.
The lines of these brackets are continued
through with the optional pedestal stand. And a
further design highlight of the unit is the Revox
logo that is elegantly etched into the housing.
The operating keys are integrated into the
elliptical IR receiver, allowing you to control the
unit without using a remote control, if you want

The heart of the Re:ception plasma 42 HD, is the
high-resolution, 16:9 wide-screen panel with
1024 x 768 pixels at a 42” diagonal and is one of
the ways in which the Revox plasma fulfi ls all
the requirements of the “HD ready” standard.
The already very impressive contrast ratio of
10000:1 is further subjectively amplifi ed by the
black frame, guaranteeing a totally unique pictu-
re experience.
A double, integrated tuner enables true picture-
in-picture. As well as the two tuners, the
Re:ception plasma 42 HD also has a DVI-I input,
which can be used for HDMI with an adapter,
two SCART inputs (RGB, CVBS), one component
(YUV) or video input as well as an S-video input.
The remarkable range of connection options
that the Re:ception plasma 42 HD has to offer is
completed by three audio inputs, one audio out-
put and an RS232 interface.



As with all Revox products, only the fi nest
materials are used with the Re:ception plasma
42 HD.
The lacquered brackets, made from a single
piece of extruded aluminium, are certainly the
most conspicuous component of the Revox
plasma televisions. Whether wall-mounted or
sitting on the optional pedestal stand, these
brackets give the effect of two hands,
powerfully yet gently holding the unit in place.
As well as giving the Re:ception plasma 42 HD a
brilliant picture, the high-quality fi lter, made
from specially coated safety glass, also gives
the unit an optical lightness.
The frame, with its special powder coating is
similarly made of a single aluminium profi le.
Thanks to the special characteristics of the
profi le, the glass fi lter seems to fl oat in front of
the unit.
The class of the total product is underlined by
the logo that is both etched into the optional 6
mm steel pedestal stand and the upper bracket.


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Re:ception plasma 42 HD

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Re:ception plasma 42 HD