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Table of Contents

The Outlaw

Bookshelf Loudspeakers

BLS-B(C) Black (and Cherry)

Congratulations on your purchase of Outlaw Audio Loudspeakers. You now
own a pair of one of the finest bookshelf speakers available.

The Outlaw

Bookshelf Loudspeakers provide remarkable performance in their price
range. True to even the most demanding source material, your new Outlaw
Loudspeakers won’t skip a beat.
After a brief “break-in” period, you’ll discover a sound that maintains its image
regardless of where you are in the room, a low frequency response that is both
deep and controlled that belies its compact size, and a natural timbre that
sustains the important midrange integrity of the very best recordings.
This is all accomplished through precision engineering and meticulous manu-
facturing standards here in the United States. From our custom designed tweeter
built with precision Scandanavian parts to 100% film capacitors, the Outlaw
Bookshelf Loudspeaker’s design and assembly takes nothing for granted. In the
manufacturing process every Outlaw Loudspeaker is measured and calibrated
to match our reference design plus or minus 0.5 dB. That means your pair of
speakers will be virtually identical, a standard that is only found in the world’s
finest loudspeakers.
The many features of the Outlaw Bookshelf Loudspeakers include:

A custom designed 25mm soft dome tweeter with copper cap, vented former,

ferro fluid cooling and a full video shield and bucking magnet to virtually
eliminate any stray magnetic forces

A long throw 5-1/4" SEAS woofer, for deep controlled bass extension

Identically sized (internal and external) port baffle areas to equalize in-

ternal and external air pressures, and to provide fully symmetrical woofer

Internal and external matching port flares to provide virtually inaudible

air turbulence

Furniture grade cabinetry including book-matched veneers for cherry

finish and high-quality, hand-painted black finish on MDF

True Bi-amp/Bi-wire design using precision five-way binding posts with

separate crossovers for woofer and tweeter

A proprietary 3-position Boundary Compensation switch for wall and corner


A proprietary 3-position High Frequency switch to compensate for either

heavily dampened or live rooms

We encourage you to carefully follow the setup information provided in the
following pages to ensure you get every last note of audiophile performance
from your new speakers.

Table of Contents

3 The Outlaw Bookshelf Loudspeakers BLS-B(C)

3 Unpacking

3 Bontents

3 Loudspeaker Controls and Connections

3 Setup Guide

Connecting To Your System


Preparing the Speaker Wire for Installation


Loudspeaker Rear Panel


Option 1: Connecting to a system with single speaker wire.


Option 2: Connecting to a system in a bi-wire scheme.


Option 3: Connecting to a system in a bi-amplify scheme.

6 Notes On Speaker Placement

6 Setting the Outlaw Loudspeaker’s Controls

Boundary Compensation Switch


High Frequency Switch

6 External System Adjustments

Crossovers for use with powered subwoofers


Volume Level

7 Surround Sound Considerations

7 Caring for your Speakers

7 Troubleshooting Guide

7 Specifications

8 The Outlaw Audio 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

8 Outlaw Audio Limited Warranty