OEM Systems Sound Terrain SS-8MG User Manual

Sound terrain, High performance in-ground speakers, Unconditional 2-year corrosion / uv guarantee

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High Performance In-Ground Speakers

Outdoor Loudspeakers

Sound Terrain


8" Polycarbonate Woofer with Butyl Rubber Surround
3/4" Dome Tweeter
40 - 20,000 Hz in 8 Ohm operation
50 watts nom. 100 watts max.
Includes 50' of cable rated for in-ground burial
Unit designed to be buried in-ground, approx. 8" above ground


Height- 14", Base- 13" x 13" with 3" radius corners,

Top- 13" Round

Unconditional 2-year corrosion / UV guarantee

740 Freeport Blvd., Suite 106

Sparks, Nevada 89431

775 355-0405 • fax: 775 355-0646

OEM Systems Company


SS-84G (Single Point Stereo)
Also available in Desert Sand color:
SS-84S (Single Point Stereo)


[email protected]

Mono version:
70 volt transformer included, mounted internally with wattage

taps of 16, 8, 4 & 2 Watts

Unit is shipped set at 8 Ohms
For commercial applications, 70 volt transformer setting is easily

accessed with a flat-blade screwdriver

11 pounds net weight, 14 pounds shipping weight

Single Point Stereo version:
One unit produces both left and right channels
Dual voice coil 8" woofer
Separate left & right 3/4" Dome Tweeters
13 pounds net weight, 16 pounds shipping weight

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