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Remote Eyes


Setup Instructions

Congratulations on purchasing your new Remote Eyes


Digital Video Recorder.

This document will assist you in setting up your unit. Inside the shipping box you should find:

• Remote Eyes system unit
• Front panel security key
• Keyboard
• Power cord
• Mouse
• Handles and screws
• Rails and screws (for mounting in a rack)

After removing the system unit from the box, connect the keyboard and mouse using the color-coded
connectors on the unit’s back panel (see picture of back panel for your model, below). Connect the power
cord to the unit and then to a 110V AC outlet.

You will need to provide at least a 17” computer monitor for use with this unit. Connect your monitor
cable to the color-coded connector on the rear of the unit. NOTE: 16 channel servers require a
resolution of at least 1280x1024; monitor resolution of 1600x1200 is recommended for optimal
viewing of a 16 camera display.

The camera connectors are located on the back panel of the unit. Depending on your unit’s configuration,
you will have 4, 8, 12, or 16 camera connectors. You will notice a picture of the connections on the next
page. You will also see a diagram detailing the camera order in which the images will appear on the

The camera connectors support a BNC connection. Your camera cables will need to have a BNC adapter
on the unit end. Install your cameras by twisting the BNC connectors clockwise onto the unit’s camera

Note that if you do not plug in at least two cameras you will see a white screen. This is an Auto
Gain Control that is adjusted by the chip on the Remote Eyes video capture card. You can correct
this by either adding another camera or turning off the other cameras using the Remote Eyes
camera Control Bar (see page 43 of the User Manual for how to turn off a camera using the Control

Once you have installed your cameras and have power to the unit, locate the front panel key inside the
box. Using the key, open the front panel and press the toggle switch to turn on the system.

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