Ocean Kayak VENUS 11 User Manual

Retrofitting the venus 11 for the front oval hatch

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Retrofitting the Venus 11 for the Front Oval Hatch

If you have any questions or problems at any time during your installation, please give
Ocean Kayak a call at 1-800-8-KAYAKS.

Your kit will contain: Plastic Oval hatch cover with rope, #14 Neoprene cover

Tools you will need:
Jigsaw with a fine plastic blade, drill, ¼” drill bit, 80 grit sandpaper, and small Surform rasp.

Installation Instructions:

1. Remove the bungee.

2. With a fine tip marker, draw a line around the

hatch 1” from the edge.

3. Take the ¼” drill bit and drill a pilot hole next

to the line for a starting point for the jig saw

Step #4 photo

4. Using a jig saw, cut around the hatch using the line

as a guide. Tip – Use constant pressure and go slow.

5. Use the rasp to clean up the edges and

smooth out the shape of the opening.

6. Vacuum out the debris.

7. Stretch the neoprene cover over

the opening. It should be a snug fit.

Step #5 photo

8. Place the Plastic Oval cover on top

and secure the rope to the bungee.

9. Reattach the bungee and you’re done.

Step #7 photo

Step #9 photo