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Owner’s Manual


Model 7100 Seven-Channel Power Amplifier

Owner’s Manual

Table of Contents

2 Please Read First
3 Table of Contents
3 Model 7100 Seven-Channel Amplifier
3 Features
3 Unpacking
5 Connecting Your Amplifier

Input Connections


Speaker Connections

6 Model 7100 Rear Panel Connections

7 Power Control Connections
7 Power Connection

7 Amplifier Operation

7 Manual On
7 Automatic On
7 Output Settings

7 Care and Maintenance



When You Are Away

8 Troubleshooting

8 Protection Circuitry
8 Troubleshooting Guide
8 Outlaw Service Information

8 A Few Words About Hum and Noise

9 Potential Ground Loops in a Complex A/V System


Model 7100 Specifications


The Outlaw Audio 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


Outlaw Audio Limited Warranty

Model 7100

Seven-Channel Power Amplifier

Congratulations! As the owner of an Outlaw Model 7100 Seven-Channel Power
Amplifier, you are in possession of a unique product. Designed and manufac-
tured in the United States, it has been carefully designed to deliver the best
possible sonic performance. We welcome you as a member of our Outlaw band,
and hope that your new amplifier brings many years of enjoyable listening to
your music or home theater system.
In order to receive the maximum enjoyment from your new amplifier, please
take a few minutes to read this manual. This important information will help
you make certain that the amplifier is properly configured for operation with
the rest of the equipment in your system. This brief investment of time will
provide major dividends by making certain that your amplifier is properly
installed and optimized for the specifics of your installation.
If you have any questions about this product, its installation or operation, please
contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or via telephone
at 866-688-5292.


The Outlaw 7100 is a state of the art, high performance, audio power amplifier.
It is built utilizing totally complementary circuitry from input to output. The
high current power supply is driven by a custom-designed 1.2 KVA torrodial
transformer with two separate windings for each of the seven channels. Each
channel has 4 discrete output devices, 20,000 uF total filter capacitance and is
protected by an advanced Opto-coupled protection circuit. Heat management
is provided by custom-designed heatsinks on each amplifier module, enabling
the amplifier to function at full power without the need for noisy fans.


The carton and packing materials used in shipping your new amplifier were
specially designed to cushion it from the shocks and vibration of shipping. We
strongly suggest that you save the carton and packing materials to use if you
move, or if the unit ever needs to be shipped back to us for any reason.
To minimize the size of the carton in storage, you may wish to flatten it by
carefully opening the top and bottom flaps and folding the carton flat. Other
cardboard inserts may be stored in the same manner. Packing materials that
cannot be collapsed should be saved along with the carton in a plastic bag.
Your new amplifier has been engineered using heavy duty materials for high
reliability and weighs 51 pounds. This substantial weight requires that you
pay special attention to unpacking and installation of the unit. You may wish
to have someone help you remove the unit from its carton and place it in the
proper location.

Model 7100 Seven-Channel Power Amplifier

The contents of this manual are Copyright © 2003 by Outlaw Audio, LLC, and may not be
duplicated or reproduced by any means, whether physical, electronic or otherwise without
prior written consent from Outlaw Audio.

Specifications are those in effect at the time of printing. Outlaw Audio reserves the right to
change specifications or designs at any time without notice or liability to modify or upgrade
units previously sold.