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Safety Information

 Recorded content is limited to private use only. Use of the content beyond this

limit requires permission of the copyright holders.

 Sony is not responsible for incomplete recording/downloading or damaged data

due to problems of the Reader or computer.

 Be sure not to short-circuit the terminals of the Reader with metallic objects.

 If part of the device that generates heat contacts your skin for a prolonged period,

you may suffer from symptom of burn, such as redness, swelling, even if

temperature is moderate. Avoid prolonged contact, especially if you have sensitive


 Please do not drop, do not add excessive power.

 Never subject the Reader to extremes of light, temperature, moisture or vibration.

 Never wrap the Reader in anything when it is being used with the AC adapter. Heat

build-up in the Reader may cause malfunction or damage.

 Do not put any heavy object on top of the Reader or apply a strong shock to the

Reader. It may cause a malfunction or damage.

 Do not leave the Reader on an unstable surface.

 Do not expose the Reader to water. The Reader is not waterproof.

 Remember to follow the precautions below.

− Be careful not to drop the Reader into a sink or other container filled with water.

− Do not use the Reader in humid locations or bad weather, such as in the rain or


− Do not get the Reader wet.

If you touch the Reader with wet hands, or put the Reader in a damp article of

clothing, the Reader may get wet and this may cause a malfunction.

 The screen is delicate and subject to cracking. Handle the Reader with care.

 Do not poke people using the supplied stylus.

 Do not treat or use the supplied stylus roughly, such as bending it, or scratching

the touch screen with it.

 Use the supplied stylus only for touch screen operations.

 Do not use the stylus if it is damaged or deformed.

 If any objects are placed on the touch screen, it may cause a malfunction. When

not in use, leave Reader in sleep mode, or shut it down.

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