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Tips for how to set up “Music Player” after Internet Radio set up.

To set up the Music Player feature, you will need a good understanding of home networks (wired and/or wireless), and also of PC based audio file sharing.
If you have trouble setting up the Music Player feature by only referring to the owner’s manual, please use these tips as a quick reference guide.
Follow the page number guidelines below to assist you in this process. If you have no knowledge of PC based home or office networks, seek help from an
experienced user.

1109 .MA-1533A

Before you begin to set up the Music Player function,
please set up your Internet Radio access first.


On Windows OS, use a file-sharing function on Windows
Media Player version 10 or later.

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There are two ways to listen to music with the Music
Player function, a “Shared Media” option and a “Shared
Folder” option.


Mac OS supports the “Shared Folder” only, so use the
Shared Folder.

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Once you have set up the Internet Radio function, then
this confirms that your home or office network is also
ready to allow the set up for the Music Player feature.

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On Windows7, the file-sharing function can be accessed
from a Control Panel.

Control Panel

e Network and Sharing Center
e Choose home group and sharing options
e Share media with devices

+ (Click) Stream my pictures, music and videos to all

devices on my network.

e Choose media streaming options…

+ (Click) Select a device to be shared.


For those who use a Window OS, “Shared Media” uses
the file-sharing function built into Windows Media
Player application. It is recommended to use the Shared
Media option because setup is easier.

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It will be easier to access your shared media on your PC
or network, after set up is complete for media sharing in
Windows Media Player or in Apple's media player (iTunes
player), before accessing the feature from your TEAC


At the Sharing Folder setup, folder sharing setup shall
be done from PC. Then it is necessary to setup user
account on CR-H500NT.

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Only WMA and MP3 files can be accessed from this feature. If you have
FLAC, AIFF or other lossless files that you want to share, they must be
converted to MP3 or WMA formats for sharing to occurs.