Special features, Close calltm rf capture technology – Uniden UBC72XLT User Manual

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Special Features

Special Features

Close Call


RF Capture Technology

Your scanner's Close Call feature lets you set the
scanner so it detects then displays the frequency of
a nearby strong radio transmission. Close Call RF
capture works great for finding frequencies at
venues such as malls and sporting events. You can
set the scanner so Close Call detection works “in the
background” while you are scanning other
frequencies, turn off normal scanning while Close
Call is working, or turn off the Close Call feature and
use the scanner normally. You can set the scanner
so it alerts you when the Close Call feature detects a
frequency. You can also set the frequency band
where you want the scanner to look for

Unlike searching, which requires the scanner to tune
to a frequency to check for a transmission, Close
Call RF capture directly detects the presence of a
strong, nearby signal and instantly tunes to the
source’s frequency.


Close Call RF capture works well for locating the
source of strong local transmissions such as
mobile and handheld two-way radios in areas
with no other strong transmission sources.
However, if you are in an area with many
transmission sources (such as pager radio
transmitters, multi-use radio towers, traffic
control devices, etc.), Close Call RF capture
might not find the transmission you are
searching for, or it might find a transmission
other than the one you are searching for.

Close Call RF capture cannot detect satellite
dishes or any transmitter with a frequency above
or below the frequency ranges listed under
“Setting the Close Call Options” on Page 34.

Special Features