Vivotek IP3136 User Manual

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The Vivotek IP3136 is a compact-size, easy-to-use and affordable wireless network camera ideal for

home/office surveillance. With a built-in web server, IP3136 provides an easy user interface for remote

access to receive the optimal synchronized video and audio from anywhere anytime over the Internet with

the popular Internet Explorer browser, exactly as easy as surfing any regular web sites. More than just a

high-performance network camera, IP3136 also possesses many advanced features to provide the

adequate personal or SOHO applications/solutions, such as web attraction, remote surveillance,

home/business security, video conference, etc....

MPEG4 compression engine

Optimal synchronization of audio & video

UPnP & dynamic IP support

Intelligent motion detection

4X digital zoom

Adjustable network bandwidth

Customizable internet homepage

Free-bundled 16-CH audio/video recording software

802.11g Wireless Connection

64/128 bit WEP Encryption