Verilux VD017 User Manual

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Before assembling, please review all instructions.

1. Carefully remove the lamp from the packing materials.

2. Adjust the height of the lamp and hand tighten the thumbscrews at

each swivel. (A)

3. Adjust the lamp head to desired position.

4. Remove the 27 W Natural Spectrum


bulb from the packaging and

carefully insert it into the socket as demonstrated in Figure 1. Be
sure to hold the bulb by the base and ensure it is fully inserted into
the socket and clipped into the metal clip (B).

5. Note the telephone number on the bulb provides contact information

when reordering.

6. Plug lamp into an appropriate outlet and turn on the switch.

7. Do not use with an extension cord or on a circuit with a dimmer


8. Save the packaging in case you need to send the lamp to Verilux for