Wicking filter maintenance, Trouble-shooting – Vicks V3500 User Manual

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Wicking Filter Maintenance

Wicking Filter performance will diminish depending on the mineral content of the
water and the amount of airborne dust in the environment.

IMPORTANT: CHECK WICKING FILTER REGULARLY. Any of the following conditions indicate
that it is time to replace the Wicking Filter.

A buildup of impurities and minerals on the Wicking Filter (evidenced by discoloration of
the Wicking Filter)

An appreciable decrease in Humidifier output

The top of the Wicking Filter is not moist to the touch

The Wicking Filter has large holes or tears

The Wicking Filter should be replaced at least one or two times during the season, depending
on usage, mineral content of the water and the environment. We encourage you to only use a
Kaz Model WF2 Replacement Wicking Filter. The use of other Wicking Filters may lead to
substandard performance.

Replacement Filters

WF2 Wicking Filters are generally available where you purchased your Humidifier. If you are
unable to locate replacement filters at your local retailer, they may be ordered directly from Kaz.

WF2 Wicking Filters cost $10 for 2 Filters or $7 for 1 Filter plus $4 for
handling and postage.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice.

To Order:

By Phone

Call toll-free by dialing 1-800-477-0457. Please have your credit card handy for payment. We
accept Visa and Master Card. Minimum credit card order is $10.00.

By Fax

Fax your order to Kaz Consumer Service Orders at 1-518-828-2015. Please clearly print your
name, mailing address and products ordered. Be sure to specify Visa or Master Card, card
number and expiration date, and sign your order. Minimum credit card order is $10.00.

By Mail

Mail your order to Kaz Consumer Service Orders, One Vapor Trail, Hudson, NY 12534. Please
clearly print your name, mailing address, and products ordered. Enclose check or money order
(no cash, please).

Via The Internet

E-mail us at [email protected]. Be sure to include your name, mailing address and
products ordered. Please specify Visa or Master Card, card number and expiration date.
Minimum credit card order is $10.00.

End of Season Maintenance or When
Humidifier Will Not Be In Use For
At Least One Week


Clean and dry the Humidifier thoroughly as per the Weekly Maintenance instructions above.


Let Humidifier dry completely before storing. Do not store with water inside the Base.


Remove Fill Cap. Do not store Humidifier with Fill Cap on.


At end of season, remove and throw away the Wicking Filter. Never leave a used Wicking
Filter in the Humidifier during storage.


Store in a cool dry location.


Order your new Kaz Replacement Wicking Filter now, so that it will be available for use
next season.


If the unit does not operate:

Check that polarized plug is fully inserted into wall outlet.

Check airflow. Are there any obstructions preventing airflow?

The motor contains a temperature-limiting fuse. If the motor overheats, the fuse will trip
and shut off the motor. Unplug the unit and contact our Consumer Service Department.
Do not attempt to repair the motor yourself.

If you do not obtain enough humidity:

The moisture output from an evaporative Humidifier is invisible. It is operating properly
if water level goes down during usage, even when you cannot see the vapor.

Check the Wicking Filter. Replace the Filter if it is clogged, torn or discolored.

Check the water level. Refilling may be required.

If you are obtaining too much humidity:

If room air is excessively humid (greater than 50% relative humidity), do not use the
Humidifier. Excessive humidity is indicated by condensation on cold surfaces or walls in
the room. For proper humidity readings, use a hygrometer available in most hardware
and department stores.

If water leakage occurs:

Make sure unit is unplugged from wall outlet.

Remove Tank from Base and check Fill Cap. Make sure the Cap Gasket (O-Ring) is
properly positioned in the cap and the spring valve operates freely. If leakage still
occurs contact our Consumer Service Department.

If Fill Cap is too tight:

Lightly lubricate the Cap Gasket (O-Ring) with petroleum jelly.