Vax C91-P2 User Manual

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WARNING: Always switch off and unplug the vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet before assembling, opening
or emptying the dirt container, or before connecting/ disconnecting the attachments.


Vax Careline

0870 606 1248


assembly / attachments / operation / storage

NOTE: Fully unwind the
power cord. A yellow mark on
the power cord indicates the
recommended cord length.
Do not exceed the cord
length beyond the red mark.

NOTE: When rewinding the power cord, guide the cord
with one hand, This will prevent the cord from whipping
which could cause damage or injury.

NOTE: For convenience there is a parking slot located at
the rear of the vacuum cleaner where the floor tool and
hose can be parked for carrying and storage.





2. Assembling your vacuum cleaner

3. Choose the attachments for the job:

4. Operating the appliance

5. Packing away and storage

IMPORTANT: Always unplug the vacuum from the electrical outlet and rewind the power cord as directed before


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