Important safety instructions general precautions – Verilux PL01PLANETLIGHT User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing the Planet Light


Natural Spectrum


Adjustable Desk

Lamp. Please read the following safety information before using. To reduce the

risk of fire, electrical shock, or injury to persons:
• Do NOT dismantle.
• Do NOT alter power cord.
• Turn off/unplug and allow to cool before replacing bulb or cleaning.
• For indoor use only.
• The lamp is an electrical device. DO NOT USE NEAR WATER.



• Before plugging in the lamp, check to make sure the voltage corresponds

with the main voltage of your location (120 volts).

• Do not use the lamp outside or in wet locations such as bathrooms. It is

intended for indoor, dry use only.

• Not for use with light dimmers, timers, motion detectors or extension cords.
• This product may cause interference with radios, cordless telephones,

or devices that use a wireless remote control such as televisions. If

interference occurs, move the product away from the device, plug the

product or device into a different outlet or move the lamp out of the line of

sight of the remote control receiver.

• Do NOT use lubricating agent in assembly; please see troubleshooting

section if you are having difficulty assembling your lamp.

• Unplug from electrical outlet for extended periods of non-use or during

lightning storms to ensure protection of the electronics.