Verbatim Mini DVDR DL Media User Manual

Mini dvdr dl media

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Mini DVDR DL Media

Store nearly an hour of continuous video recording with your digital camcorder!

Up until recently the most common mini recordable DVDs available
were 1.4GB DVD-R's and DVD-RW's; both of which hold ~30 minutes
of camcorder footage. Samsung now offers 6 camcorder models and
Sony offers 7 which support Mini DVD+R DL media. While Canon
and Panasonic both offer 5 camcorder models supporting Mini DVD-
R DL media. These newer media formats can capture nearly an
hour's worth of video camcorder footage. No need to flip the disc
during recording, which is required when using double –sided Mini
DVD media.

Like the full size 12cm DVDR DL discs, these discs are fully
compatible with the DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL standards and should
be compatible with almost any DVD drive which can play full size DVDR
DL discs, including many standalone DVD players. While existing +R and
-R DL compatible DVD writers can write to this media, at this time no
hardware upgrades are available to convert current camcorders to support
this new format (mini DVD+/-R DL media).

For added protection against the scratches
and abrasion that can occur during normal
camcorder and home use, Verbatim Mini DVDR DL media
features our innovative VideoGard™ technology.
Specifically developed for video recording and playback,
Verbatim VideoGard™ has a protective disc coating applied
to the recording surface safeguarding the disc from
everyday handling…fingerprints, smudges & scratches.
VideoGard™ Protection is 40 times more scratch resistant
than a standard DVD. Safeguard your precious memories

Verbatim has been at the forefront in developing

technologies and manufacturing processes that ensure reliability and durability at today's
higher speeds.

Verbatim 3Pk Mini DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL discs are now available and in stock.

Part #




DVD-R DL 8cm Hardcoat 5pk 4x

2.6GB / 55min


DVD+R DL 8cm Hardcoat 5pk 2.4x

2.6GB / 55min