Western Digital My DVR Expander User Manual

My dvr expander

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Easy to set up, easy to use – Just plug it in to your

eSATA-enabled DVR and start recording even more TV shows,
sporting events, and movies.

Compatible – My DVR Expander has been tested for

compatibility with Scientific Atlanta 8300 series and has been
TiVo verified™ compatible with TiVo


Series3™ and TiVo



DVRs. Check with your cable service provider to confirm
compatibility with their system.

Quiet and Cool – A unique no-fan passive cooling system and

special hard drive design makes it quiet for the living room or

Low–intensity LED – Designed with a soft amber LED

indicator, ideal for the living room or bedrooms.

My DVR Expander

Record More TV Shows

Quiet and Cool

Instant Storage

Record more, delete less –
Never miss your favorite show


*Not intended to be an archival or portable storage device. The DVR Expander is designed to expand the recording capacity of
a single DVR. The total program hours that can be stored depends upon the format and data rate of the programming source,
operating environment and other factors. Your results may vary.

Record more – delete less. Add My DVR Expander from
WD to your eSATA-enabled DVR and you’ll instantly add
space for up to 120 hours of high-definition or 600 hours of
standard definition TV.*