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Home MiniWoofer


User’s Guide

The Home MiniWoofer is an
accessory subwoofer system
for stereo televisions and shelf
systems. It provides a high
quality subwoofer solution for
smaller rooms in apartments,
bedrooms and offices where a
complete home theater system
is inconvenient. The Home
MiniWoofer is easier to install,
can easily be set up
unobtrusively on a shelf, and

requires no additional user controls after set-up


The Home MiniWoofer lets you hear deep, natural and undistorted bass response to about
40Hz similar to large home theater subwoofers. It is against the Laws of Physics to create
40Hz bass from such a small, light weight and low power product, but the Home
MiniWoofer lets you hear bass frequencies down to 40Hz by using an acoustic illusion
based on the psychoacoustic Phenomenon of the Missing Fundamental. This is
conceptually similar to perceiving a full color spectrum from only red, green and blue pixels
on your television display,

Waves, the world leader is signal processing tools to audio professionals has extensively
researched how to optimize this process and patented its MaxxBass® psychoacoustic

extension. This technology has been used in top music recordings for many years

and now it available in consumer electronics