About your wd drive, Drive format, Reformatting the drive – Western Digital 4779 705004 User Manual

Page 4: Led indicators, Power/activity led, Power button, Usb 2.0 interface

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About Your WD Drive

Drive Format

This WD device is preformatted as a single FAT32 partition for compatibility with all
updated Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The FAT32 file system has a
maximum individual file size of 4 GB.

This WD device cannot create partitions larger than 32 GB in Windows 2000/XP.
Windows 2000 and XP users can overcome these file size limitations by reformatting
the drive to NTFS using the Disk Management utility. See answer ID 1287 at
support.wdc.com and article IDs 314463 and 184006 at support.microsoft.com for
further details.

Reformatting the Drive

1. Go to support.wdc.com.

2. See Knowledge Base Answer ID 207 for formatting instructions.

After formatting, go to Downloads, find your product, download the My Book utility,
and follow instructions as prompted.

LED Indicators

The power/activity LED is located on the center, front panel of the device. LED activity
is indicated as follows:

Power/Activity LED

Power Button

The Power button features Safe Shutdown, which prevents the inadvertent powering
down of My Book until all data is written to the device or system. To engage Safe
Shutdown, press the Power button once. You may hear the device power down
before the Power LED turns off. My Book is now shut down properly and may be
safely disconnected.

USB 2.0 Interface

USB is the industry standard interface for most Windows-based computers.
Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0) supports data transfer rates up to 480 Mb/s. USB 2.0 is
backward-compatible with USB 1.1. Connection to a USB 1.1 device transfers data
at USB 1.1 speed (up to 1.5 Mb/s).

Important: Reformatting My Book erases all its contents. If you have already saved
files on My Book, be sure to back them up before reformatting it.




Power-on state or power-save mode

Fast flashing (for approx. 3 seconds)

Transitioning to system standby

Slow flashing (every 5 seconds)

System standby

Up and down

Drive in use