Weider 148 User Manual

Page 5

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M10 x 130mm Bolt (9)Ð1

M8 x 50mm Bolt (13)Ð2

M8 Washer (20)Ð25

M8 Nylon Locknut (39)Ð8

M8 x 60mm Bolt (43)Ð2

11mm x 7mm Spacer (23)Ð2

11mm x 10.5mm Spacer (44)Ð2

M8 x 50mm Carriage Bolt (45)Ð2

M10 x 75mm Bolt (46)Ð5

M10 x 60mm Bolt (47)Ð4

M10 x 70mm Bolt (48)Ð4

M10 x 50mm Bolt (49)Ð3

M8 x 40mm Screw (50)Ð8

M8 x 16mm Screw (51)Ð3

M10 Washer (53)Ð32

M10 Nylon Locknut (54)Ð15

M8 x 30mm Screw (60)Ð2

This chart is provided to help you identify the small
parts used in assembly. Important: Some parts may
have been pre-assembled for shipping purposes.
If you cannot find a part in the parts bags, check

to see if it has been pre-assembled. The number in
parenthesis below each part refers to the key number
of the part. The second number refers to the quantity
needed for assembly.

Part Identification Chart - Model No. WEBE14871