WTB IU2-0508-1 User Manual

Wtb hub user’s manual

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WTB Hub User’s Manual

for all WTB hubs

V 15

NOTE TO RETAILERS: If you are installing this component for your customer, please make sure that
this User’s Manual is passed along to the customer after you use it.


Thank you for the confidence you have shown in WTB by selecting one of our products. We appreciate

your business, and your satisfaction is important to us.

Because we would like to make sure that you get the best performance and longest service life from any

WTB product you use, we urge you to read these instructions before you assemble or install your new WTB

And if you have any questions or problems, or feel you do not understand something about the product, its

installation or its use, please talk to any WTB dealer or check with us at wtb.com.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This WTB user’s manual for this specific component on your bicycle is not a
substitute for all the safety and use information contained in the owner’s manual that was supplied
with your bicycle. If you do not have such an owner’s manual, contact the bicycle's manufacturer or
retailer for a copy. To the extent that your bicycle user’s manual and this component part user’s
manual conflict as to the use of this specific WTB component, this WTB user’s manual should be
followed. If you are unsure about the resolution of a conflict between this manual and any other
manual or set of instructions, please consult your local bicycle retailer.


1. Before you start


The fact that you selected one or more WTB components for your bike indicates that you are

probably a rider of above average experience; but don’t allow that to lull you into complacency. No
matter how experienced you are as a cyclist, do not fail to read this WARNING or to carefully follow the
instructions below.

Technological advances have made bicycles and bicycle components more complex, and the pace

of innovation is increasing. Many bicycle component installation, service and repair tasks require
special knowledge and tools. Improper installation, adjustment or service may result in damage to the
component or component failure.

All WTB products should be installed by a qualified bicycle mechanic using appropriate

professional tools. WTB assumes no liability for products which are improperly installed, assembled or

When installing WTB components in conjunction with another manufacturer’s components, you

should always follow that manufacturer’s instructions for their components and WTB’s for WTB
components. If there is a conflict, ask your dealer to help you resolve it. WTB assumes no liability for
damage caused by installing other manufacturers’ products.

After any installation, adjustment or repair to your bicycle or components, test your work by taking

a test ride in a controlled environment, away from cars, other cyclists, obstacles or other hazards.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in component failure. Component failure can cause

you to lose control of the bicycle and fall, leading to serious injury or death.


a. Intended Use: This product is not intended for use by children age 12 and under. Check the Intended
Use information for his product on our Web site at wtb.com/tech-catalog-archive to make sure this product is
compatible with how you intend to use it. Also please check the website to make sure you have the most

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