Part identification chart – Weider WESY3873.2 User Manual

Page 20

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M10 Nylon Locknut (76)

M8 Nylon Locknut (65)

M6 Nylon Locknut (69)

M8 Flange Nut (19)

M10 Lock Washer (21)

50mm Square

Inner Cap (38)

25mm Square Inner Cap (54)

38mm x 64mm Inner Cap (41)

38mm x 76mm Inner Cap (34)

M10 Nut (47)

50mm Square Outer Cap (27)

M10 Washer (75)


Refer to the drawings below to identify small parts used in assembly. The number in parentheses below each
drawing is the key number of the part, from the PART LIST on the reverse side of this page.

Note: Some small

parts may have been pre-attached. If a part is not in the parts bag, check to see if it has been pre-attached.