Zephyr ZRC-0001 User Manual

Charcoal filter bracket instructions

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Corner Tabs

Self locking tab

Tab cut-out

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The following instructions apply to recirculating kit part numbers ZRC-0000, ZRC-0001, ZRC-0002, ZRC-0003,
ZRC-0010, ZRC-0070 and ZRC-0080.

Charcoal filters are not meant to be cleaned. Do not place charcoal filters in the dishwasher or soak them in soapy
water. Under normal usage (1 hour per day) filters should be replaced every 3 - 4 months. Charcoal filters may need
to be replaced more frequently depending on cooking style.

Charcoal Filter Bracket Instructions

Corner lip
of bracket

*note: Filter bracket appearance may be slightly different from the bracket pictured.

1. Install metal bracket* onto metal filter from
hood by sliding one end of the metal bracket
underneath the backside of the gray handle
as shown.

2. Push two corner tabs into metal filter frame
to lock them in. If pushing tabs is difficult,
gently lift up on the corner lip of the bracket
near the gray handle and push down on the
corner tab. (Fig.1)

3. Install charcoal filter onto metal bracket
with platic side up. Insert bottom side of
carbon filter where the tab cut-outs are first.

4. Push charcoal filter down until it clicks,
locking tabs in place.

5. Installation complete. Install metal filter
into range hood.

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