Xpress Ethernet Bridge XEB09-C User Manual

Xpress ethernet bridge

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XPress Ethernet Bridge

Product Manual - Commercial/Indoor XEB09-C
Create long range wireless links in minutes!

Connect any Ethernet device to the XPress Ethernet Bridge
RF Modems and the bridge will function in place of
an Ethernet cable. The Ethernet bridge provides a
transparent wireless point-to-point cable replacement.

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This manual provides step-by-step instruction on how to setup a wireless link and test the
Ethernet Bridge’s ability to transport data over varying ranges and conditions.

Included with the XPress Ethernet Bridge (Commercial)

(2) XPress Ethernet Bridge RF Modems
(2) 6 VDC/80-240 VAC power adapters (not included w/ version XEB09-C-AU (Australia))
(2) Half-wave, 2.5 dBi, dipole antennas w/RPTNC connector

Quick Setup

Hardware Setup

Each RF Modem automatically selects the best radio channel, encrypts the Ethernet traffic and
transports the data wirelessly to its matched pair. Cross-over cables are not necessary since the
RF modems automatically sense the device (client vs. switch).

Figure 1.

Ethernet Bridge Setup

1. Plug both RF Modems into power outlets using the included power adaptors.

(If operating in Australia: Use power adapters that meet Australian regulations and the
supply voltage specifications cited on page 4 this manual.)

2. Connect an Ethernet cable from each XPress RF Modem to a network device.
3. Send Ethernet traffic through the wireless Ethernet Bridge [for troubleshooting, refer to

the following page].