Xpelair 100MM/4" RANGE DX100H User Manual

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fuse for the appliance must not exceed

DX100T only


To adjust the over-run period turn the control
(T) clockwise to increase and anti-clockwise
to decrease.

DX100H & DX100HP only


Humidity operation is factory set at approx.
70% Relative Humidity (RH), but can be
adjusted between 50% and 90% RH by

Time delay is factory set at approx. 20 mins,
but can be adjusted by control (T).

Both controls are adjustable. Turn the controls
clockwise to increase time or RH, and anti-
clockwise to decrease.

DX100PIR only


Adjust the overrun period with control (T).
Turn screwdriver clockwise to increase and
anti-clockwise to decrease.

All fans

If wiring from above cut out the cable entry
slot marked on top of the front cover.

Fit the front cover by aligning it square to the
duct and pushing it onto the duct until the
release catches snap into the slots on the
front cover.

Using the fan

DX100 & DX100VTD only

Operate the fan using the on/off switch.
Repeat to switch off.

DX100PC only

Operate the fan by pulling and releasing the
cord. Repeat to switch off.

DX100T only

Operate the fan using the on/off switch. When
the switch is turned off, the fan continues to
operate for the adjustable time delay.

DX100H only

Manual mode: use the on/off switch. When
you switch off, the fan goes into automatic
mode after the time delay (light indicates
when fan is operating in manual mode).

Automatic mode: fan operates when relative
humidity rises and turns off again when
humidity drops.

DX100PIR only

The sensor detects movement in the room
and activates the fan. When movement is
sensed, the fan will run for a pre-set overrun
period and any further movement sensed will
re-start the sequence. This ensures that the
room is only ventilated during and
immediately after use. When the fan is first
installed there will be a stabilising period
of approximately five minutes. During this
time the fan will run for up to two minutes.

Cleaning (recommended once a month)


1. Before cleaning, isolate the fan completely

from the mains supply.

2. Remove the front cover by pressing the

release catches located on the sides at the
unit with a 3mm screwdriver, whilst pulling the
front cover forward


3. To clean the front cover, either wipe it with a

damp, lint free cloth or wash it in warm soapy
water. Thoroughly dry the front cover and

4. Do not immerse the fan in water or other

liquids to clean any other parts of the fan.

5. Never use strong solvents to clean the fan.

6. Apart from cleaning, no other maintenance is