Zenith CONCIERGE H25F39DT User Manual

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Parental Control Menu

Mini glossary



General Audiences

Content not offensive to most viewers.


Parental Guidance

Content is such that parents may not want their children to view the program.


PG-13 Parental Guidance

Program is inappropriate for preteens, with a greater degree of offensive material


than a PG rated program.


Restricted viewing

Not for children under age 17. Strong elements of sex and/or violence.


Restricted Viewing

Not for children under age 17 under any circumstances. Strong sexual content.


Hard Core Films

Same as NC-17 rating.

Note: Zenith Electronics Corporation is not liable for any program content that appears when using this rating system; as always, user
discretion is advised.


To insure complete coverage for all TV programs, (movies and regular TV shows) choose a rating for MPAA, from the selec-
tions below AND choose ratings from the TV Parental Guidelines Rating System on the next page, using the Age Block
option for General Audiences, and for Children. In addition to those, you may wish to add additional restrictions from the
Content Block menu. See the Parental Control menu, and submenus example on the next page.

Things to Consider before Setting Up Parental Control

Determine which rating you consider acceptable to the viewer. (For example, if you choose TV-PG, all more restrictive rat-
ings will be automatically blocked; the viewer will not be able to see: TV-PG, TV-14, or TV-MA rated programming.)

Do you want to block the auxiliary video source entirely? (Blocks the signal sent by the equipment, such as a VCR, con-
nected to the TV Audio/Video input jacks; in the Aux. Block option.) Or leave unblocked, then choose allowable ratings.

Block program “Content” based on individual parameters such as: Strong Dialog, Mature Language, Sex Scenes, Violence
Scenes, or Fantasy Violence Scenes; in the Content Blk option.

How many hours do you want Parental Control to be active? You can set the Hours option for up to 99 hours.

Select a secret password; in the Set Password option. Use the number keys on the remote. Don’t forget the password, it is
the only way you can access the Parental Control menu and change rating selections, or turn Parental Control off.

Do you want Parental Control to be active all the time? If not, you can turn it on or off; with the Lock On/Off option.

This optional feature can be used to “block” undesirable programming from appearing on your TV.

You can set different Parental Control viewing restric-
tions for general audiences and for children - - both
can be active at the same time


Simply specifying one content block such as Sex
Scenes, will not automatically block another content
in the programs from appearing.

This TV offers the user a wide variety of options and settings that restrict or “block” the programming that can appear on
the TV. Parental control allows the user the capability of defining which program rating they consider acceptable, to the
younger or more sensitive viewer. It can be preset and turned either on or off by the user who specifies the secret 4-num-
ber code, the password. The number of hours blocked are specified. General audience and children viewer blocks can both
be programmed into the TV’s memory. Viewer ratings are specified for both TV and the motion picture industry; both rat-
ing systems can be used. The ratings are based mainly on the ages of children.

You cannot disable Parental Control by disconnecting the TV
from power. Block hours remaining will be retained if power is
lost or power cord is disconnected.

The AUX input source can also be blocked.

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