Yeoman EXE MIDI PR1145 User Manual

Yeoman exe midi, Instructions for use, installation and servicing, Conventional flue coal effect stove

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Yeoman Exe Midi

Conventional Flue Coal Effect Stove

With upgradeable control valve

Instructions for Use,

Installation and Servicing

For use in GB, IE (Great Britain and Eire)

PR1145 Issue 1 (July 2010)


This product contains a Heat resistant glass panel. This panel should be checked during Installation and at each servicing

interval. If any damage is observed on the front face of the glass panel (scratches, scores, cracks or other surface defects), the

glass panel must be replaced and the appliance must not be used until a replacement is installed. Under no circumstances

should the appliance be used if any damage is observed, the glass panel is removed or broken.

Parts of this appliance will become hot during operation; it is therefore recommended that a suitable guard should be used for

protection of young children, the elderly or infirm.

This appliance is guaranteed for 2 years (subject to the conditions on page 3 of this Instruction manual). The second year of the

guarantee will only be valid if the annual service recommended in this Instruction manual has been completed by a GasSafe

registered engineer, and a copy of the service report is available for inspection by a Gazco engineer.

These Instructions must be left with the appliance for future reference and for consultation when servicing the appliance. Please

make the customer aware of the correct operation of the appliance before leaving these instructions with them.

The commissioning sheet found on Page 3 of this Instruction manual must be completed by the Installer prior to leaving the