Yeoman EXMOOR YM-A9340CE User Manual

Exmoor/exe/devon/county, Freestanding stove, Multi fuel kit installation

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1. General

Please refer to Installation Instructions supplied with with

the appliance (PM306 Instructions for Use, Installation &

Servicing). If you do not have a copy of this manual visit or contact Yeoman directly.

This document should be fully read and understood in

conjunction with the Installation instructions supplied with

the appliance and if there are any queries contact your

Yeoman dealer.

Exmoor M/F Kit -

YM-A9040CE fits all Exmoor products

Exe M/F Kit-

YM-A9140CE fits all Exe products

Devon M/F Kit-

YM-A9240CE fits all Devon products

County M/F Kit-

YM-A9340CE fits all County products

1.1 The optional multi-fuel kit enables the burning of

manufactured smokeless fuels as listed in User Section,

Recommended Fuels.

Remove the log guard and the drop in front plate.

Remove the fire bricks.

Remove the blanking bolt that is fitted in the grate operating

rod hole.

This is located on the front of the stove near the lower right

hand corner of the door (not applicable for County models).

To do this loosen the M8 nut on the inside of the stove.

Blanking Bolt

Freestanding Stove

Multi Fuel kit iNStAllAtiON

For use in GB & IE (Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland).

This kit has been certified for use in countries other than those stated. To

install this multi-fuel kit in these countries, it is essential to obtain the

translated instructions and in some cases the appliance will require
modification. Contact Yeoman for further information.

Models: YM-W9001Fl / YM-W9001lC / YM-W9001erFl /

YM-W9001erlC / YM-W9101Fl / YM-W9101lC / YM-W9101erFl /

YM-W9101erlC / YM-W9102Fl / YM-W9102lC / YM-W9102erFl /

YM-W9102erlC / YM-W9201Fl / YM-W9201lC / YM-W9201HC /

YM-W9201erFl / YM-W9201erlC / YM-W9201erHC /

YM-W9202Fl / YM-W9202lC / YM-W9202HC / YM-W9202erFl /

YM-W9202erlC / YM-W9202erHC / YM-W9301Fl / YM-W9301lC /

YM-W9301HC / YM-W9302Fl / YM-W9302lC / YM-W9302HC


PM570 Issue 1 (October 2010)

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