Yamaha KX-10 User Manual

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This deck has a built-in Auto Tape Selector which
automatically adjusts the recording characteristics according
to the tape formulation (see page 12) and a Dolby HX Pro
Dynamic Bias Servo System which automatically controls
the effective bias during recording. In addition to these
functions, you can refine your recordings by using the Auto
Tape Tuning function, which adjusts the recording bias and
sensitivity for each tape you use.

Auto tape tuning function

The auto tape tuning function improves the quality of
recording, permitting precise adjustment of the deck's
recording bias and sensitivity for best results with every tape
you use.
With the auto tape tuning function, the recording
characteristics (recording bias and sensitivity) are
automatically adjusted in two frequency ranges (500 Hz and
10 kHz) while performing recording and playback operations
simultaneously for about 20 seconds, to accurately match
the characteristics of the loaded tape.
For example, the recorded (output) level (


in the figure)

may differ from the recording (input) level (


in the figure),

due to widely varying characteristics between brands of
cassette tapes.
Using the auto tape tuning function, these differences are
effectively eliminated by adjusting the recording bias (for
high frequencies) and sensitivity (for overall frequencies)
according to the loaded cassette tape, making a significant
contribution to overall recording quality (


in the figure).

1. Set the PLAY TRIM control to the center position.
2. Press the REC/PAUSE button to enter the rec pause

mode and adjust the recording level with the REC
LEVEL control.

3. Press the AUTO TAPE TUNING button.

The TAPE TUNING indicator blinks and the deck
determines the optimum recording characteristics (bias
and recording sensitivity) according to the loaded cassette
tape in about 20 seconds. After completion of auto tape
tuning, the tape is automatically rewound to the point
where auto tape tuning began and the deck enters the rec
pause mode. The TAPE TUNING indicator lights up.

Auto tape tuning may not function with a tape of poor
quality. In this case, the tape stops and the TAPE
TUNING indicator does not light up.

The adjusted recording characteristics are not cancelled
as long as the TAPE TUNING indicator is lit. When you
no longer need this adjustment, press the AUTO TAPE
TUNING button in rec pause mode or stop mode. The
TAPE TUNING indicator goes out.
This adjustment is also cancelled when the


button is

When loading a tape of different brand even if whose tape
types are the same, perform the auto tape tuning
operation again even when the TAPE TUNING indicator
lights up.



Output level (dB)

Frequency (Hz)


Input level

Dolby noise reduction and HX Pro headroom extension
manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing
Corporation, HX Pro originated by Bang & Olufsen.

“DOLBY”, the double-D symbol and “HX PRO” are trademarks of
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

Synchronized recording function

When operating this unit in combinaton with the YAMAHA
CD Player which has SYNCHRO button on its remote
control transmitter, CD Synchronized recording function can
be utilized. This function is operated with the remote control
transmitter of the CD Player. (Regarding the operation, refer
to the manual of the CD Player.)

This unit incorporates the Dolby HX Pro system which
automatically controls the effective bias to reduce
distortion and noise, improving high frequency
response during recording. Tapes recorded with this
system retain the same high quality even when played
back on other cassette decks.