Zhone Technologies 5620 User Manual

Before you begin

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5620 RTU Customer Premises

Installation Instructions

Document Number 5620-A2-GN10-30

December 1998

Before You Begin

The Hotwire


5620 RTU (Remote Termination Unit) interoperates with the Hotwire

8510 DSL Card in the DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) system.

An optional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) splitter is available for the Hotwire
5620 RTU. When a POTS splitter is installed, the telephone and 5620 RADSL (Rate
Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line) RTU can function at the same time over the same pair
of copper wires. In order to confirm the RTU installation, the POTS splitter should be
installed first.

To install a POTS splitter, refer to the appropriate POTS splitter document:

Document Number

Document Title


Hotwire 5030 POTS Splitter Customer Premises
Installation Instructions


Hotwire 5038 Distributed POTS Splitter Customer
Premises Installation Instructions

Contact your sales or service representative to order additional product documentation.
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Technical Manuals

Wiring and Cables Needed

The following wiring and standard connectors are used with this product:


New or existing unshielded twisted-pair wiring (CAT3 or better). The CAT3 wiring
must meet EIA/TIA-568 specifications with 24 AWG (.5 mm) or 26 AWG (.4 mm).


Standard RJ11 wall jack.


Standard Ethernet 8-pin, non-keyed modular plug for a PC or workstation. An
Ethernet straight-through or crossover cable is used. Refer to

Installing the Hotwire

5620 RTU, page 8, for Ethernet cable details.