Z Microsystems Surveillance Video System User Manual

Z Microsystems Video surveillance systems

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Surveillance Video System

ZViDEO, a division of Z Microsystems, Inc., 9830 Summers Ridge Road, San Diego, CA 92121 Tel: 858 831 7000 Fax 858 831 7001 www. zvideo.com

Surveillance Video System

History and Background

ZViDEO, a division of Z Microsystems, has been working with digitized video since 1995;
implementing one of the first digital video collection and exploitation systems for our nation’s
intelligence agencies. Since 1995, ZViDEO has been providing video products for the military
and intelligence community.

Sales: Mike.Flax@zmicro.com T 623.225.9940

Technical: Chris.Greve@zmicro.com T 702.880.3793

SVS is the most advanced labor saving analytical video software available.
The SVS software can quickly search large quantities of surveillance video footage, and provide
results on just the content you want to see.

Economically priced for the law enforcement community


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