Zyxel Prestige 334W User Manual

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A p p l i c a t i o n D i a g r a m

Share your Internet connection between multiple PCs, all with solid security! Designed for home and small office applications,

ZyXEL's Prestige 334/334W allows your household or office computers to share an Internet connection with secure and protected

communication. Better yet, with a built-in Access Point, the Prestige 334W wireless security sharing router allows you to get

connected, share resources, and exchange files anywhere in the house or office, minimizing deployment costs, effort and time.

High Performance

With a powerful CPU and integrated quick-route technology, the Prestige sharing routers are capable of running at a top speed of

100Mbps* and are highly suitable for distributing large files as well as executing demanding LAN activities such as head-to-head

games. Five times faster than the older IEEE 802.11b wireless standard, the IEEE 802.11g WLAN-capable Prestige 334W satisfies

all WLAN demands while remaining backward compatible with slower wireless networking equipment.


With a Router, Switch, Access Point, Firewall, and VPN built-in, the all-in-one Prestige 334 series will meet your home

networking gateway needs nicely. It can be used to share an Internet connection among multiple computers while being assuring

your network environment is being safeguarded with the latest network security technology.

Doubled Security

The true firewall features such as Stateful Packet Inspection and Denial of Service (DoS) attack prevention protect users and

resources on the internal network from outside intruders or hackers. For Wireless LAN environments, the up-to-date wireless

security features including WEP encryption and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) offered in the Prestige 334W will ensure data

travels securely through the air.

Private & Safe Care

Content filtering prevents undesirable advertising or Web content from being displayed by blocking potentially harmful material.

You will be informed of network activities through event logs and e-mail alerts that help you maintain and monitor the network.

Internet access can be further managed by time-of-day scheduling as well as budget control, features that allow parents to restrict

and control their children’s access to the Internet.

Easy Installation

The ZyXEL installation wizard makes installation a cinch. With the user-friendly, web-based configurator, you can easily setup

and enjoy your Internet sharing router in a matter of minutes.

Prestige 334

Prestige 334W

Broadband Router with Firewall

802.11g Wireless Broadband Router with Firewall



Cable/DSL Modem Prestige 334W


Notebook with
ZyXEL CardBus Card

Desktop with
ZyXEL PCI Adapter

Notebook or Desktop
with ZyXEL USB Adapter

Desktop with
ZyXEL Ethernet Adapter

Cable/DSL Modem

Prestige 334

Home/Small Office

Home/Small Office

*Smartbit test result (TCP/IP)