Motorola XTS 3000 User Manual

Motorola Radio

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Product Model #: Digital Portable Radio XTS 3000 (Std / Rugged / Secure )


Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998, Section 508

Subpart 1194.25 Self-Contained, Closed Products

The following features are derived from Section 508


When a timed response is required – alert user, allow
sufficient time for him to indicate that he needs additional
time to respond [ N/A ]

There is only 1 time limited complex function,
radio lock, which has a user programmable
time limit. The remainder of functions are not
time limited because activities are recreate-
able and recoverable.

For touch screen or contact-sensitive control input provide:

1. Controls / keys tactilely discernable without activating [


Keys can be discerned without activation.

2. Controls / keys operable with one hand [ X ]


3. Controls / keys that don’t require tight grasping, pinching or
twisting of the wrist [ X ]

PTT, volume, and channel selection require
moderate pressure to avoid inadvertent
button/switch activation. This is by design for
environmental aspects of use.

4. Maximum force required to activate controls / keys is 5 lbs
(22.2N) [ X ]


5. If key repeat supported, delay key repeat at least 2 seconds [X]

Programmable time…longer and shorter

6. Key repeat adjustable to 2 seconds per character [ X ]

Programmable time…longer and shorter

7. Locking toggle controls / keys status – visually discernable,
and discernable through touch or sound [ X ]

Yes…Keypad and radio lock

Provide an alternative form of identification / activation that
doesn’t require the user to possess particular biological
characteristics [ X ]


Products that provide audio output shall:

1. Provide audio signal at a standard signal level through an
industry standard connector allowing private listening [ X ]


2. Provide ability to interrupt, pause, and restart the audio at
anytime [ X ]

Audio will be lost, but connection can always
be re-established.

For products that deliver voice output in a public area:

1. Incremental volume control shall be provided with output
amplification up to a level of at least 65 dB [ X ]


2. Where ambient noise of the environment is above 45 dB,
volume gain of at least 20 dB above the ambient level shall be
user selectable [ X ]

Yes via knob selection, or support for special
headgear to allow for this feature.

3. A function shall automatically reset the volume to the default
level after every use [ N/A ]

No Need

This functionality is not required due to the fact
that the power/volume switch is designed such
that the user controls the volume level at time
of power up.

Color coding shall not be used as the only means of
conveying information, indicating an action, prompting a
response, or distinguishing a visual element [ X ]

Color LED use is indifferent to color actually
shown. The lit LED means users actions are

User adjustable color and contrast settings – shall provide a
range of color selections and variety of contrast levels [N/A]

No Contrast setting…contrast is pre-tested and
optimized for user environment.

Reduce / eliminate screen flicker or image flashing.
Recommended ranges: 2 Hz or lower or 55 Hz or higher [ ]

Certain items do not meet this…secure
enunciator, priority scan enunciator, and low
battery indicator.