Naxa NT-1907 User Manual

Page 10

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Press MENU button on t he uni t or rem ote

co ntrol to disp lay the main menu .

Press LEFT or RIG HT na vigation button

to selec t Pictu re/So und/Ti me/Se tup/Lo ck/
C hanne l.

Press DOW N nav igation butto n to en ter

su bmen u pag e.

Press UP or DOW N navigation butto n to

se lect the opt ion tha t want to adj ust.

Press LEFT or RIG HT na vigation button

to adjus t selected option to desir ed va lue.

Press RIGH T navigation butto n or ENTER button to enter nex t menu page .
Press MENU button to return t o prev ious m enu page.
Press EXIT button to exit menu page .

If this is y our firs t tim e turning on thi s TV, Se tup Wiz ard will app ears
on the sc reen.

Press UP or D OWN navig ation button to

sele ct wan ted it em.

Press RIGHT navig ation b utton or EN TER

butt on to enter n ext m enu p age.

Press LEFT o r RIGH T navigatio n but ton

to adjust t he value.

- In Setup Wizard, the users can a djust Menu
Lan guage, Time Zone , Daylight Saving Time
and Air / Cable.
- If Air / Cable item has been selected, press
UP or DO WN navigation button to selec t
Go to nex t step in the menu and then pr ess
RIGHT navigati on button or ENTER button to
start auto chann el searchin g.
- Press MENU or EXIT button to exit auto
cha nnel s earch ing.