Naxa NS-438 User Manual

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Before using the unit. Check that the local mains supply is compatible with the HI-FI System (230V 50HZ).

Do not plug or unplug the power cable when your hands are wet. When planning not to use this unit for long periods of

time (i.e. vacation etc.) disconnect the plug from the wall outlet. When disconnecting the power cord from the wall outlet,

grasp the plug; do not pull the cord in order to avoid shock risks caused by the damaged cable.

Battery installation (for the clock)

Open the Battery cover (33) on the underside of the unit.

Insert 2 AAA 1.5V batteries (not included) following the polarity as indicated in the compartment. Alkaline batteries are

recommended if used for long periods of time.

Press to close the battery cover (33) until it is tight.

Note: After cutting off the AC Power supply, the time information will be lost when the battery is moved.

Note: when planning not to use the remote control for a long time. Remove the batteries in order to avoid the electrolyte


Headphone Jack (29)

This unit will accept stereo headphones with a 3.5mm plug. Before connecting the headphones set the volume to

minimum level so not to damage your ears or the headphones. Connect the headphones to the headphones jack (29). The

speakers will be automatically disconnected.

Warning: Prolonged exposure to high sound levels may permanently damage your hearing.


Adjust the VOLUME control (14) to the desired level.

Listening To The Radio

Press FUNCTION Switch Button (26) to RADIO position.

Press the Band Switch Button (27) to select AM/FM.

Press Power Button (22) to On position to turn on the unit.

Turn TUNING Knob (23) to tune in desired Radio station.

Press FM ST On/Off button (28) for turn the FM Stereo on or off.

To turn off Radio, Press Power Button (22) to Auto position to turn off the unit.

Note: While in the Radio Mode, the display will indicate the Frequency.

You cannot set the time or alarm while the radio is in use. Your time setting will be invalid if frequency appears.

In radio mode, the frequency will appear at the location where time appears. Press and hold the Time display button (9)

to display the current time, the time will be displayed for about 20 seconds then disappear automatically.