ViTESSE VS-661 User Manual

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Anti-calc system
A special resin filter inside the water reservoir softens the water and prevents
scale build-up in the plate. The resin filter is permanent and does not need

Please Note:

Anti-drip system
With the anti-drip system, you can perfectly iron even the most delicate
fabrics.Always iron these fabrics at low temperatures. The plate may cool
down to the point where no more steam comes out, but rather drops of
boiling water that can leave marks or stains. In these cases, the Anti-drip
system automatically activates to prevent vaporization, so that you can iron
the most delicate fabrics without risk of spoiling or staining them.

Automatic shut off
The automatic shut off device trips after the iron has been left for approx.
eight minutes in the upright position or unused for approx. Thirty seconds in
the horizontal position. The light comes on to indicate that shut off has
tripped. As soon as you move the iron, the device turns off and the iron
starts working again.

General instructions
When using the iron for the first time, you may notice a slight emission of
smoke and hear some sounds made by the expanding plastics. This is quite
normal and it stops after a short time. We also recommend passing the
iron over an ordinary cloth before using it for the first time.

Use tap water only. Distilled and/demineralised water makes the "Zero-Calc"
anti-calc system ineffective by altering its physicochemical characteristics.
Do not use chemical additives, scented substances or decalcifiers. Failure
to comply with the above-mentioned regulations leads to the loss of








silk - wool

Cotton - linen

low temperature


medium temperature

Fabric not to be ironed


high temperature

Soft the laundry to be ironed according to the international symbols on the
garment label, or if this is missing, according to the type of fabric.

Start ironing the garments requiring a low temperature.
This reduces the waiting times (the iron takes less time to heat up than to
cool down) and eliminates the risk of scorching the fabric.

Steam ironing

Filling the reservoir

Check that the plug is disconnected from the socket.

2. Circumgyrating the steam selector (3) to “min” [Fig. 1].
3. Turn-on fill cover (10).
4. Raise the tip of the iron to help the water enter the opening without


5. Slowly pour the water into the reservoir using the special measure (12)

and taking care not to go over the maximum level (about 400ml)
indicated by “MAX” on the reservoir [Fig. 2].

6. Screwing on fill cover(10).

Selecting the temperature.
1. Put the iron in a vertical position.
2. Put the plug in the socket.
3. Press with one finger temperature choice buttton (5) according to the

symbol on the LCD display sceen. [Fig. 3]. “STANDBY” symbol flicker
indicates that the iron is heating up. Wait until the plate “STANDBY”
symbol no flicker before ironing.