ViTESSE VS-200 User Manual

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Dear Customer!

You have made an excellent decision. Vitesse® “Nouveau” home range offers
you an exclusive, high quality range of appliances for your ultimate home
luxury and healthy living.



Voltage: AC 230V 50Hz
Power: 800W
1000 ML Juice Mug

1-pusher 2-transparent cover 3-Juicer Blade 4-middle body 5-transmitter
6-lock 7-main body 8-switch 9-juice mug 10-Pulp Container

a. Please remove the packing before use and also remove the special

paper on the Juicer Blade.

b. While using the juicer:

1). Fix (4) onto the main body (7).
2). Put the juicer blade (3) into the transmitter (5), and then press it


3). Place transparent cover (2) onto the middle body (4); Then fasten

the lock (6) in order to switch on the safety switch in main body.
Please note that the motor will not function, if the safety switch in the
main body is not switched on.

4). Place the pulp container (10) under residue exit of the middle body

(4), place the juice mug (9) under the juice-spout of middle body.

5). Connect plug as per rated voltage, turn on switch (8) the motor

starts to work, put the fruit or the vegetable, press it slowly through
the help of the pusher (1).

a. While the juicer is functioning, it's unsafe to put your hand or

other object into the Wide-Mouth Filling of the transparent

b. For good effect of juicing, please don't press the fruits through

the pusher rapidly.

c. Shut down the power before cleaning the residue mug.
d. For easy cleaning, suggest placing a plastic bag into the pulp

container to collect residue.

6). Please clean the pulp container and the residue left in transparent

cover regularly (suggest cleaning it after working 1 minute
continuously), in order to avoid motor blockage.

1. After using, switch off and pull out the plug, disassemble the parts (1, 2,

3, 4, 9, and 10) to wash them. Allow it to dry and then assemble again.

2. The Main body needs to be cleaned only by wiping with a wet cloth.
3. In order to have a best extracting effort, the filter net needs to be

cleaned carefully after every usage.

1. Place the Juicer Extractor on a hard / flat surface, and then operate it

according to the instruction manual.

2. Please note, the unit will function only when the safety protective

switch is installed correctly.

3. Please keep the juice extractor in a dry / open place if it is not used for a

long time.

1. Close supervision is necessary when the appliance is operated near


2. Always use the appliance on a dry & flat surface. Do not place on or

near a hot gas or electric burner or any hot surface.

3. To protect against electric shock, do not immerse cord, plug or motor

base in water or other liquid.

4. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug.
5. Always leave the appliance unplugged when not in use. Connect the

appliance only to a properly wired wall outlet.

6. Before using the juice extractor, please assemble all the parts


7. For cleaning the unit, please do not use chemical / abrasive cleaning