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KJ09112 / 13 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 2” Coil Spring Spacers


1. Jack up the rear end and place jack stands under the frame allowing

rear suspension to move up and down freely.

2. Remove the tires/wheels.
3. Disconnect the sway bar from the end links.
4. Disconnect lower shock mount bolts so that the rear axle droops and

the coil springs become loose.

5. Remove the coil spring and the lower coil spring isolator.
6. Install the new coil spring spacer onto the axle with the part numbers

facing down and place the stock isolator on top.

7. Install the coil spring onto the left side of the axle first. To install the

right side you need to jack the left side of the axle so that the right side
goes down far enough to install the coil spring.

8. Jack up the rear suspension and reconnect the lower shocks mount


9. Reconnect the sway bar end links.
10. Reinstall the tires/wheels.


Jack up the rear of the vehicle, remove the jack stands and lower the
vehicle. Torque all bolts/nuts for tightness and re-torque after 500


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