Speedhut EL Gauge Dial User Manual

Tm installation instructions for custom dials

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Installation instructions for Custom Dials

1.Remove plastic trim around instrument cluster.
(usually a couple Phillips screws under the top edge) Be careful not to force it.
Some cars have Phillips screws hidden under control switches. If you notice
the plastic hangs up in a certain area look carefully for control switches (ie
defrost button, high beam button etc)

2.Remove the Phillips screws that hold the instrument cluster in place.
Unplug connections from cluster.

3. Remove plastic window and inner bezel trim. (Some cars don’t have inner
bezel trim)

4.Remove stock dial screws (if your car has them) and pull out dial stop pins
using pliers (if your car has them) Note: some cars don’t have dial screws or
dial stop pins For cars that don’t have dial screws, place included double-
sided tape down on factory dials to hold EL panel in place.

5. Carefully thread custom dial over pointers.

This could damage it.

EL panel can bend in gradual radius.

Make sure EL panel(s) are not rubbing against pointers anywhere


Make sure dials DO NOT rub on pointers in any way. If rubbing occurs make
sure dials are centered and bottom of pointer is not rubbing on dial. Replace
the stock dial screws.


6.VERY IMPORTANT- Trim any plastic ridges, tabs etc that would

interfere (crimp) with the EL panel or wires as it exits the cluster


Not trimming excess plastic away can void warranty. Sharp

creases in EL panel can damage it.

7. Plug in EL panel(s) into inverter box connectors. Use 1 or all of the 4
connectors on the inverter box assembly to plug custom dial(s) into depending
on your application. For example- some cars only have 1 custom dial, in which
case, only one of the connectors is used on inverter box. It does not matter
which connectors you use.


8.Mount Inverter dimmer switch in convenient location and connect to
instrument lighting 12volts (red color) connect to ground (black wire) Use a
voltage meter to probe for 12V instrument power voltage. We recommend
having your headlights ‘on’ and keys NOT in ignition while probing for the 12
volts instrument lighting. Verify you have found correct wire by turning ‘Off’
your headlights. With headlights ‘off’ voltage should be 0 volts.

9. Replace bezel trim etc. clean up and drive!

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Tools needed

1. Phillips


2. Electrical


3. Solder


4. Diagonal


5. Pliers
6. Adjustable