English – ICY DOCK FlexCage MB973SP-1B User Manual

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Fan cable routing

5. For further questions or concerns about ICY DOCK products, please visit
us at www.icydock.com

6. For any aftermarket fan replacements, please use 80 x 80 x 25 mm
measured cooling fan.

4. To utilize the hot swap function, the host must also support hot swap.To
check if your host supports hot swap, please refer to the motherboard or
controller card specifications and user manual.


1. ICY DOCK reserves the right to change unrelated technical specifications

and is subject to change without prior notice.
2. ICY DOCK will not be liable for any software, hardware, or data stored
within or interfacing with ICY DOCK products which results in damage
or malfunction. ICY DOCK will only be responsible for repairs and services
of ICY DOCK products.
3. Due to different drive specifications for the drive access signal, some
drives may not support the access LED. If the LED does not function, but
the user can read and write to the drive, it falls under this category. If the
LED does not function, and the drive cannot be read or written to, please
contact us for troubleshooting.