Eurotool Copperhead Torch for Refillable Tank: SOL-360.00 User Manual

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Lighting the Copperhead Torch

1. Open valve on the tank.
2. Close air control ring (E) located near torch tip and slightly open

torch gas valve (F) located on torch handle.

3. Light the gas using appropriate lighting source (Do not attempt to

light the torch without a tip installed).

4. Open air control ring (E) to achieve proper blue flame. Adjust flame

by using the air control ring and the torch gas valve (F).

5. When finished, close tank valve then the torch gas valve in order to

bleed the hose for safety.

(B) Short Metal End

(A) Valve

(C) Long Swivel Metal End

(D) Torch Handle

(E) Air Control Ring

(F) Gas Valve


Installation Instructions

Note: The hose has 2 distinct ends and must be connected in the proper manor to function
correctly and avoid gas leaks. Please follow diagram below to assure proper connections.

1. Screw in place the valve (A) on to the propane tank.
2. Connect the hose to the valve (A) using the Short Metal End (B) portion of the hose.
3. Connect the Long Swivel End of the hose (C) to the Torch Handle (D) (this end has a swivel which should allow for

free rotation of the handle).

4. Select tip and screw onto torch handle.
5. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the connections. They only need to be snug - DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

Always check for leaks using soapy water in all connections.



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Copperhead Torch with 3 Tips

for Refillable Propane Tank