Mustang Motorcycle Seats Driver Backrest Kit, Regal - Harley-Davidson FL Touring, Chrome Studs User Manual

Mustang Motorcycle Seats For motorcycles

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Installation Instructions:

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FL 7ouring 0odels, 2009-201

The Mustang driver backrest kit can be used with the stock one-piece seats and

with the Mustang one-piece touring seats that have the center opening to accept

the backrest. This unit cannot be used with any solo seat or two-piece seat.

Step 1

Remove the seat from the motorcycle.

Step 2

Locate the two 1/4-20 studs in the fender

and remove the nuts from them. These nuts will

be used to attach the rear of the driver backrest

receiver base.

Step 3

Locate and remove the two rear battery

cover bolts. These two bolts will secure the front

portion of the driver backrest receiver base.

Step 4

Place the receiver base onto the motorcy-

cle over the two fender studs and aligned with the

two threaded holes at the rear of the battery

cover. Secure with two bolts and two nuts re-

moved earlier. Tighten front bracket bolt.

Step 5

Re-install the seat and secure with the

rear fender screw.

Step 6

Insert the driver backrest post through the

seat opening and into the receiver base.

Step 7

Adjust height and tilt angle of backrest

pad for optimum driver’s support and comfort.