Mustang Motorcycle Seats Studded Pouch Tank Bib - Yamaha V-Star 950 User Manual

Mustang Motorcycle Seats For motorcycles

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Once the seat has been taken off the bike, remove
the single dash mounting Allen bolt with a 4mm Allen

Slide dash forward and then up off of the tank.

Lay bib’s center cutout over the dash’s mounting

Slide the dash back into the front mounts and align
dash over mounting boss.

Reinstall Allen bolt and tighten.

Stretch the bib’s shock cord over the frame’s t-bracket
at base of gas tank.

Thank you and enjoy your Mustang Tank Bib!

Mounting Suggestions
Yamaha V-Star 950 2009-2011
Tank Bib

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Ref part #93330, 93331, 93211, 93212